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To learn more about private lessons and to arrange instruction, contact our main office at 302-239-2434 or click on the private lesson flyer on this page.

To learn more details about our instructors, visit our staff directory

Private Instruction

The Center for the Creative Arts offers private art instruction in both the visual and performing arts. Private Instruction is ideal for students seeking intensive one-on-one interaction with a qualified instructor and is tailored to the individual's needs. Courses of study can be determined by student's personal wishes, admission requirements or left to the discretion of the instructor. Private instruction fees are as follows:


$40 AN HOUR and up


$25-$30 A HALF HOUR

acting coaching:


For a list of current private instructors, click here for a PDF: PRIVATE LESSONS 

To learn more, contact instructors directly using the flyer below to learn their availability and specific rates.

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