FYI: Anyone can get creative with a little DIY

For those who don't know, "DYI" is the acronym for "Do it yourself".  The crafting movement that was super prevalent in the 1960's and 70's is making a come back and is bringing arts and crafts into the home again all across the United States. With the expansion of the internet also comes a plethora of knowledge and ideas of how to get creative and make some of the things that typically we would go and buy from places like Pier1 Imports or even an old antique shop! Many of us are searching websites such as Pinterest and other crafting blogs to find what it is we are looking for. We gravitate towards pages that include a video tutorial or a simple step by step process, materials list and even pictures to help guide us through our next project. This has opened doors for us to learn and do like never before! We are decorating, up-cycling (creating with old things and making them new again), organizing, gifting, saving and most importantly learning. Many times, people who consistently partake in DIY projects, whether it is simple crafting or creating on an artisan level, are embodying the term "Maker".  People of all walks of life are able to expand their interests and abilities through this trend, bringing them closer to their innovative and experimental selves. 

I encourage you to explore the possibility of being able to produce something-- anything that you would typically purchase. Open Google or Pinterest and search something that interests you and type the three uppercase letters "DYI" after it. 

For a place to begin, click here for a Pinterest link for creative home decor projects by the hundreds! Please share your creations with us!