How to Use Low-Budget Art Projects as Therapy for Children by Guest Blogger, Leigh Marcos.

Art therapy is gaining prominence and recognition as a form of promoting the overall emotional, mental and physical well-being of children. Put simply, with the use of art projects and activities, kids can sort their feelings, express frustrations, manage stress, heal and develop themselves. We list a few art activities that can help improve child development.

Finger Painting

All you need is a box of paints and blank sheets of paper to do this activity. The beauty of this type of art apart from being inexpensive is that kids are free to express their creativity in painting whatever forms and shapes they want. It has very little instructions apart from talking about what they just made. Thus, you might want to speak about colors used, how they make them feel and the emotions felt while painting. It should also encourage them to examine what they made and ask peers what emotions are elicited when looking at their work.

 Collage Making

For this activity, you will need old magazines, newspapers, scissors, blank paper or cardboard and glue. Ask kids to cut out images and words (if they are old enough to read) to represent what they are feeling and thinking. Again, with very prodding, you just have to guide them to think of their emotions, what makes them happy or sad and how looking at certain pictures can change their moods. The collage can also document their day, family life or friendships – there is no limit as to what they can do with it.

T-shirt Painting or Tie-Dye

As a form of relaxation, emotion painting is a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety. When kids have excess energy, getting them to relax can become quite challenging. Find any old shirts and a box of paints. Play soothing music in the background while the kids are painting. If you are going to use tie-dye, lend a hand when mixing colors and tying the shirt. After this has been done, display their work for everyone to see and talk about what they represent


The use of art therapy projects can boost behavioral responses of children tremendously. With the right encouragement and guidance, art projects assist in creating emotional, mental and physical stability in kids that involve little resources while having fun at the same time.


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