Imagination is the key!

As many of you know, we host a summer camp every year that fills our halls, classrooms, auditorium and property with creative energy flowing from children of all ages! This year's theme "Beyond Realism: The Art of Fantasy" is nurturing the imagination of our campers through genera specific camps such as Star Wars; The Stage Version, Homes for Hobbits, or our camp to build this years float, a dragon! 

For many of our children the summer months out of the classroom are long and provide a wonderful opportunity for them to spend this time doing something that they enjoy or don't normally have the time for. Art education has been dwindling in the school system and it should not be forgotten about.

Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics may be more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up.
— PBS Parents author Grace Hwang Lynch

This year we are pushing the imagination of our students to new heights and pairing it with quality art instruction! Classes will be posted by February 12, 2016 and everyone is eligible for a $15 discount off of each class before April 1st!

Get a quick laugh out of how these children try to describe "Imagination".