Birthday Parties for Children

Adult Parties

Create a memorable party for your birthday boy or girl - give them an Arty Birthday Party at CCArts!! Choose from several art, clay, dance, boy only, girl only and custom themed parties. You provide the children and refreshments and we'll provide the activity. Call to discuss your custom party options, dates, times and prices.

Birthday Party Rates:

  • 2 hours exclusive use of one CCArts studio for up to 10 children and one adult chaperone, including 1 1/2 hours with CCArts instructor, and 30 minutes of family organized party time (prices listed with each type of party).
  • Up to 5 additional children: $15 per additional child (except where indicated).
  • Additional time: cost dependent on party theme.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due upon reservation. Full payment is due on date of party.
  • Additional materials fee may be required for custom theme parties.

Party Choices:                                                                                              


Arty Party - Art Themed Parties

Love Art? We have the perfect parties for you! Work with many of your favorite art supplies or try a few new ones, choosing projects from a variety of themes.

Paint like the Masters Party (4 and up) - Picasso, Monet, Degas, Calder, etc. Pick your favorite artist or let us choose for you. We will learn how to create fabulous art work in the style of that artist. For example, if your child loves ballerinas, then you’ll really love our Degas Ballerina Party. We’ll paint in the style of one of our favorite artists and if time allows we can dress up like the ballerinas in his paintings. $190

Tea Party at the Louvre (4 and up) - Wear your best dress and have tea in style as we travel across the world to have tea in one of the most famous art museums in the world. Enjoy fabulous paintings and other artwork as we play pretend and enjoy a grown-up afternoon Parisian style. $190

Messy is Marvelous (3 and up) - Come prepared for messy fun! Imagine the drips

and splatters and gooey gloppiness of painting upside down, splatter painting or plastering! Create beautiful paintings, prints, sculptures and more, while getting very messy in the process. $190

LaLa Loopsie Doll Party (5 and up) - Love the La La Loopsies, we will make dolls in the style of the La La dolls. If you want to bring your own doll, we can make clothes and accessories for her. $190

Abstraction Attraction (4 and up) - Your party will be the main attraction as we have fun painting, sculpting, or whatever projects you choose, all about abstract art. $190

Art You Can Eat (5 and up) - Ever do a cheese curl sculpture, or a cookie color wheel?

Art you Can Eat Party is all about making and decorating your own fabulous looking party treats. $190

Harry Potter and/or other Mythical Hulabaloo (5 and up) - The world of Harry Potter can be so much fun as you and your friends party Potter style, making such projects as your own horcruxes, magic sorting hats and more.

Gifts of Art Party (4 and up) - Have fun making your own cards, wrapping paper and party prizes like pictures frames and jewelry boxes. $190

Mosaics Party (6 and up) - You and your friends will love this party as you make things like a mosaic tile picture frame, a name plate for your room and more fabulously fun mosaic projects. You pick the project before the party.

Fashion Design (5 and up) - Let your inner style shine! Make your fashion statement with creativity and flair using a variety of colorful art supplies. Design clothing, accessories and more! $190

Pottery Parties (not available June, July or August)

Lets get muddy! Use your hands and real pottery making tools to make objects with real wet clay. Or, decorate ready-to-paint ceramics with brightly colored under glazes. Paint a cup, bowl or plate. All projects will need to be fired in the kiln and be picked up at a later date.

Functional Pottery Party (5 and up) - Create functional pottery such as a plate, cup or a bowl with full color glaze and gloss finish. Children will create items using wet clay and will glaze using colors of their choice. Final piece will be food safe. $250 (additional children would be $17/child)

Terracotta Decorative Pottery Party (5 and up) - Children will use wet clay to create a sculptural item or decorative, non food safe plate. $215

Paint your Own Pottery (4 and up) - Using pre-made bisque wares such as plates, tiles or bowls. Children will use glazes to decorate pre-made bisque ceramic pieces.

(3 week minimum notice needed) $230 (additional children will be $17/child)

Dance or Movement Party

Do you like to move around? Come and dance with our instructor and learn a choreographed dance or simply have active and supervised fun!

ZumbAtomic® Party (4 and up) - Have a rockin', high-energy fitness party packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love, like hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia and more. Taught by certified ZumbAtomic instructors. $165

Dance Party (4 and up) - Pick a movie, artist or soundtrack for us to feature at your very own dance party! Our teacher will come up with some basic dances to have fun learning and perform at the end of your party. Some props will be included. $165

Fairy Princess Photo Party

Go on a whimsical journey through the world of fairies! Create wings, headpieces, paintings, collages and more. Flutter your wings in a Fairy Fashion Photo Show. $190

Additional Party Options:                                                          

Popcorn: We can make fresh, hot popcorn here at CCArts with our machine. $30

Custom Party Options:                                                                 

Pick your Theme Party (all ages) - Superhero, Pirates, whatever you choose. You pick it and we will base your party around. From paper mache’ dinos to decorating your own pirate hat, customize your party to make it one everyone will enjoy. $190 and up

Call 302.239.2434 for more information, requirements and reservations.